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McCoy's Cafe Bar and Roastery in Hull Adopts Innovative Call Buttons and QR Codes

In Hull, where the echoes of tradition intertwine with whispers of modernity, McCoy's Cafe Bar and Roastery stands as a testament to culinary and technological evolution. Not content with being just another eatery, McCoy's is setting the pace, integrating inspiration from global dining hubs like South Korea, and offering mouthwatering delicacies from Full Yorkshire Breakfasts to their irresistible burgers.

Cafe Bar Hull Burger Call
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A South Korean Insight: 서비스를 요청합니다! (Requesting Service!)

Mark, the Director of McCoy's, returned from South Korea with more than just memories of the vibrant street food scene. He was particularly struck by the ubiquity of call buttons on restaurant tables. These buttons, adorned with '서비스를 요청합니다' (Requesting Service), epitomise the Korean dedication to impeccable customer service. Envisioning such an experience for his patrons in Hull, Mark knew that McCoy's had to adopt this ingenious system.

While in South Korea, Mark was captivated by the futuristic flair of robot restaurant servers, a fascinating blend of technology and tradition. These mechanical maestros seamlessly served patrons, showcasing Korea's progressive dining scene.

However, for those wondering if such robotic innovations are coming to Hull's McCoy's Cafe Bar and Roastery – the answer is no, not in the foreseeable future. Though intrigued by the concept, McCoy's cherishes the warmth and authenticity of human interactions that have always defined their dining experience.

A Culinary Journey from Dawn to Dusk

McCoy's isn’t just about advanced dining tech; it's a gastronomic journey. Start your day with the hearty Full Yorkshire Breakfast, a plate brimming with local produce and flavours. By lunchtime, let the aromatic flatbreads tantalise your senses, perfect for a midday treat. And as evening draws near, surrender to the allure of McCoy's irresistible burgers, a delightful fusion of quality ingredients and masterful cooking.

The Digital Dining Revolution: Call Buttons and QR Codes

Complementing their culinary prowess, McCoy's is pioneering a digital dining experience. Tables are equipped not just with call buttons for instant service, but also with QR codes. With a simple scan, customers can peruse the menu, place their orders, and even settle the bill from their mobile devices. opt for this seamless experience and enjoy a 10% discount on your bill. With options like credit or debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, McCoy’s ensures a smooth and modern dining experience.

A Symphony of Tastes and Tech

McCoy's Cafe Bar and Roastery seamlessly blends Hull's rich culinary heritage with cutting-edge innovations. They are crafting a narrative where technology enhances tradition, rather than replacing it.

In Conclusion

In the heart of Hull, McCoy's is crafting an experience that's both rich in flavour and futuristic in its approach. Whether it's the comforting embrace of a Full Yorkshire Breakfast, the subtle charm of a call button, or the convenience of a QR code, McCoy's promises a dining encounter that is uniquely its own. The next time you're in the mood for a culinary adventure with a side of innovation, you know where to head.

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