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Why McCoy's Hull is Your Must-Visit Café Bar This Summer

As the lush freshness of spring gives way to the vibrant warmth of summer, Hull’s very own McCoy's on Princes Dock Street stands out as the ideal spot to enjoy the season’s best offerings. Whether you’re starting the day with a hearty breakfast or winding down with a refreshing cold drink, McCoy's offers a delightful experience. Here's why this café bar deserves to be on your summer itinerary.

Celebrate Summer Mornings at McCoy's

Begin your summer days at McCoy's with their comprehensive breakfast menu that caters to all tastes. Opt for the Yorkshire Breakfast with its generous helping of eggs, bacon, sausages, and more, served alongside sourdough toast—a true powerhouse meal to start your day. For something lighter, the Smashed Avocado on Sourdough with poached eggs is perfect. Their commitment to quality is evident, as they offer gluten-free alternatives and local sourcing for meats.

A Midday Menu to Relish

Transition smoothly into the afternoon with McCoy's array of lunch options. The Fishcakes Trio or the heartily packed Burger Meals are perfect for refuelling. If you're looking for a lighter fare, the Falafel & Feta Salad offers a refreshing mix with just the right hint of zest. McCoy's lunchtime vibe, combined with their flavourful dishes, makes for a perfect midday retreat.

Refresh and Recharge: From Coffees to Cocktails

McCoy's boasts an impressive selection of hot and cold beverages. Start your morning with a handcrafted coffee or a smooth matcha. As the day heats up, switch to an Iced Coffee or a fruity Smoothie. And for those afternoon into early evening socials, McCoy's range of alcoholic drinks—from Stout to Cocktails—means you can enjoy the right sip to match your mood.

Nibbles and More: A Snack for Every Palate

No visit to McCoy's is complete without trying their snacks and starters. Choose from Potato Wedges, Halloumi Slices, or the indulgent Loaded Fries. Each dish is perfect for sharing and pairs wonderfully with their selection of drinks, making every gathering a little more special.

The Perfect Early Evening Hangout

While McCoy's does not open late into the night, it’s the perfect early evening spot. You can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere where you can unwind after a day’s work or catch up with friends over a drink or a casual meal. The ambiance is designed to be relaxed and welcoming, ensuring you leave refreshed and satisfied.

A Hub for All

McCoy's commitment to accessibility and variety makes it a welcoming space for everyone. The café bar is not only wheelchair accessible but also family-friendly during its opening hours, accommodating all guests with open arms and a smile.

Concluding Thoughts

McCoy's of Hull is a jewel in the city's dining scene, perfect for enjoying the summer. With its diverse menu that spans from morning till early evening, a drink list to please any enthusiast, and a welcoming atmosphere, it promises to be a highlight of your summer outings. Make sure to visit McCoy’s on Princes Dock Street this season to experience the best in cafe bar offerings.

Whether you're a local or just passing through, McCoy's provides not just meals and drinks but a delightful experience that embodies the spirit of Hull. Don't miss out on making it a part of your summer adventure!

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