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McCoy's Guide to Humber Street Sesh 2023: A Prelude to Musical Euphoria

A Dive into the Humber Street Sesh's Rich Tapestry

For the uninitiated, Humber Street Sesh is more than just a music festival. It's a grand celebration of Hull's rich musical talent, a symphony of diverse genres resonating through the historic streets surrounding Hull Marina. Originating as a humble gathering for local musicians, this annual event has grown exponentially over the years, drawing audiences in the thousands, eager for a taste of Hull's melodic offerings.

The picturesque Hull Marina provides a serene backdrop, enhancing the festival's allure. With stages set up along the docks, it feels as if the entire city is singing, every note echoing with stories, dreams, and aspirations.

Why McCoy's is Your Essential Sesh Stop

As we edge closer to the 2023 Humber Street Sesh, with its rich legacy as a backdrop, it's paramount to kick off your day on the right note. And McCoy’s, with its culinary delights and prime location, promises to be the perfect prologue. Here’s why:

  1. Gastronomic Delights: McCoy's menu boasts mouth-watering dishes crafted with love and precision, ensuring you step into the festival feeling utterly satisfied.

  2. Thirst Quenchers: Our bar offers a diverse range of beverages. From craft beers and artisan cocktails to invigorating non-alcoholic concoctions, we've got your thirst sorted. And for coffee aficionados, our onsite roastery guarantees every cup is a burst of aromatic brilliance.

  3. Prime Location with Extensive Outdoor Seating: McCoy's is strategically positioned on the suggested route between Hull City Centre / Train Station and the Marina, located on Princes Dock Street. Our extensive outdoor space is perfect for those wanting a breath of fresh air before immersing themselves in the festival's vibrancy.

  4. Ditch the Plastic and Cardboard: Before you find yourself sipping from a plastic cup or nibbling from a cardboard box at the festival, indulge in a more refined dining experience at McCoy’s.

  5. Extended Hours for the Festival: With the festival's energy in mind, McCoy's will open its doors from 10 am to 6 pm. Whether you're seeking a morning caffeine kick or an afternoon nibble, we're here for you.

Reserve Your Spot at McCoy's

Given the festival's allure, nabbing a comfortable spot can be a challenge. However, we've streamlined the process for you. Online reservations for McCoy’s are now open, ensuring a table awaits your arrival, setting the tone for your Humber Street Sesh weekend.


As Hull pulsates in anticipation of Humber Street Sesh, remember that every memorable day starts with delightful sustenance and a congenial atmosphere. McCoy's isn't merely a café-bar; it's a harmonious preface to the melodies that await. Here's to sublime food, splendid music, and an experience that transcends the everyday. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th of August. Cheers!

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