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Brewing Sustainable Choices: McCoy's Coffee Roastery and Cafe in Hull

At McCoy's Coffee Roastery and Cafe, we pride ourselves on being more than just your go-to spot for outstanding coffee in Hull. We are fervent champions of health and sustainability, striving to create a new benchmark for ethical practices within our industry. That's why we've made the significant decision to streamline our milk choices, focusing solely on oat milk and full-fat cow's milk.

In the past, we've catered to a broad range of tastes by offering numerous milk alternatives such as semi-skimmed, almond, and soya milk. However, upon assessing the environmental impact and health considerations associated with these options, we felt it was time to usher in a positive change.

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Environmental Impact and Health Considerations

Semi-skimmed milk, though a widely favoured choice due to its lower fat content, carries a sizeable environmental price tag. According to a 2018 study by Poore and Nemecek, dairy farming significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. However, full-fat cow's milk, which we continue to offer, has a more efficient feed-to-yield ratio than semi-skimmed milk, thereby slightly offsetting its environmental footprint.

Turning to plant-based alternatives, almond milk production involves considerable water use - an astounding 130 pints of water are required to produce a single glass of almond milk, as reported by the Water Footprint Network. Additionally, almond milk's nutritional profile doesn't quite measure up to other alternatives, providing less protein and often requiring additional sweeteners to achieve a pleasant taste.

Soya milk, another common dairy substitute, has been linked to deforestation, particularly in South America, due to the high demand for soybeans. From a health standpoint, soya milk has been the subject of scrutiny, with certain studies suggesting potential adverse effects on hormonal balance due to its elevated phytoestrogen content.

Benefits of Oat Milk and Full-Fat Cow's Milk

So, why oat milk and full-fat cow's milk? The answer lies in both health benefits and environmental considerations.

Oat milk touts a low environmental impact. According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, it utilises far less water and land, and emits fewer greenhouse gases than most other milk substitutes. On the nutritional front, oat milk is high in fibre and essential nutrients, providing a healthful boost to every coffee cup.

Full-fat cow's milk, as previously noted, boasts a better feed-to-yield ratio than its semi-skimmed equivalent. Moreover, it's brimming with crucial nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Recent research even proposes that full-fat dairy may be linked to lower rates of obesity and metabolic syndrome, challenging previous perceptions about full-fat dairy products.

In conclusion, here at McCoy's Coffee Roastery and Cafe, we firmly believe in making mindful decisions that serve both our customers and the planet. We're delighted to offer our exceptional coffee in Hull, making sustainable, ethical choices without compromising on flavour. Savour the goodness of oat milk and full-fat cow's milk in your favourite coffee next time you visit us. As always, we're brewing a better future, one cup at a time.

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